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Make Yourself a Priority

You set the standard for how people treat you.

Commit to falling crazy in love with making yourself a priority and accepting nothing less than what you deserve. Receiving the love you deserve starts with you. Your self-love demonstrates to the world what loving you looks like. Our beliefs influence our behaviors. If you believe you are not deserving of love, you will behave in a manner that quietly says you don't have to love and consider me. Which further enforces the belief to others that you are not worthy of their love and respect.

Choosing self-sacrificing behavior is a choice to not make ourselves a priority. We instead are choosing to make the person we are sacrificing for the priority. Unfortunately, many of us have been taught this is what makes us acceptable and/or a “good person”. Today I encourage you to make the decision to make yourself a priority.

No one is more deserving of getting their needs met than you.

I know this can be a bit intimidating, I’ve been there. Making any decision was scary when I was stuck in the never-ending loop of people-pleasing. I was frightened because I feared making the wrong decision. I thought people would be mad at me or not like me and at the time, I didn't think I could handle it. My choices changed when I finally realized what I was doing was not working therefore I had nothing to lose.

When we constantly ignore our needs by saying yes when we want to say no we are showing actions of self-sacrifice. A behavior that conveys that others are more worthy of love and having their needs met than ourselves. This is why you may give more than you receive and often feel taken advantage of. Your self-sacrificing actions teach others your needs can be ignored. If this is you, ask yourself:

Why do I believe others are more worthy of love and support than me? What makes them different? Is it the title they have in my life or the guilt they have imposed on me?

I am here to remind you, we are all human & no one is more deserving of love and respect than you. We all are equally valuable.

Make a commitment to yourself to express self-love daily by making yourself a priority. Self-love may seem complicated and scary but it first starts with a decision. Make the decision today. I can not promise this adjustment will be easy, it certainly wasn’t for me. What I can promise is it will be worth it. Think about this, you have been putting everyone first and you’re still unhappy and they still aren’t satisfied. Let’s decide to try something new in order to get a different result. You can't pour from an empty cup.

If you need support with making yourself a priority schedule a free coaching call for tips and tools to support you.

With Unconditional love,

Kamesha Tarell

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