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How Much Is Your Fear Costing You?

Have you ever considered how much fear is costing you?

Our fears may be different, but fear’s ability to deprive us of growth and personal development is universal.

Fear robs us of our joy, our peace, and our dreams. When we choose to allow fear to influence our decisions it prevents us from speaking up or taking action causing us to play small and place an imaginary cap on our potential.

When we give into our fears we pay the price in our life experiences.

We will stay in toxic relationships or unhealthy work environments. We will fail to report injustices against ourselves or others. We will stay stuck and make excuses for why we haven't done things to better ourselves and our life situations.

Fear is not based on logic.

And the only way to start overcoming fear is to begin challenging it. Remove “I can't...” from your vocabulary and begin acknowledging the truth, you choose not to. This simple shift can help us see when fear is holding us back. We can’t change or overcome what we won’t first identify or accept.

Choosing to speak truth and identify fear will help to begin raising our level of expectation for ourselves. It allows us to recognize fear as a conscious choice, and none of us want to choose our own demise.

When fear starts to pile up like debt, it’s a thief, and it can cost us dearly. That’s when it is time for a new plan.

Gather facts that offer a clear direction. Separate the facts from the fear and begin to challenge yourself to move forward in spite of those butterflies in your stomach.

Even in times of uncertainty, we must safely, and with the appropriate care and caution, keep living life. We cannot let fear beat us into submission.


Fear is energy, and in succumbing to our fears we give off energy that can attract the very thing we are looking to avoid.

So, go in peace, stay fixed on the things you can control, and release your fears to the divine. They are not yours to bear.

With unconditional love,

Kamesha Tarell

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