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Have you ever feared looking within?

I have heard many times in many different ways the truth is within.

I have learned it's true, the answers to everything I seek really is within. Do you struggle to look within and therefore seek answers outside yourself only to find out you were right all along. Have you ever been afraid to look within? I know I have.

Does that fear make you afraid of what you might actually see if you sit still long enough to look within?

Have you ever been afraid of what you might hear if you sit long enough to hear what is within?

Again, I know I have. Usually the fear of looking within causes us to begin busying ourselves with life. We become busy bees, wearing a super woman cape and saving the day like Wonder Woman. We get caught up in everyone else's life and agendas and make sure we are too busy to sit alone with ourselves. We will even wear our busyness as a crown when really it is a cloak hiding our fear.

The fear of looking within often comes from a deeply rooted thought or feeling of not being good enough. It is usually born of thoughts of if we look inside we will find out we are an absolute mess.

Nothing is further from the truth. When we conjure up enough courage to actually sit still and look within we actually see the opposite of our fears. We see we are beautiful. We see we are enough. We find kindness and gentleness. We are able to hear the direction for our lives.

Warning: In the beginning, you may experience what some call monkey mind, it may be very noisy. You will think of all the things you need to do, be and/or better ways you could be spending this time. Your identity and your authentic self may be at war over you. Your identity (the person you became in an effort to achieve, and/or protect yourself) will be kicking and screaming, pulling out all the stops to keep you while your authentic self is lovingly trying to draw you to truth. I promise you as you consistently find time alone with yourself, you will discover unconditional love.

Action Tools: Today I encourage you to take a moment to sit still and just be. Be with yourself, be with your thoughts and discover the beauty that is you.

If you desire to spend some time with your self but can't seem to quiet your mind and body long enough. If the thought of it is overwhelming and scary, please reach out to me for a free coaching session. Let's work together to heal the relationship you have with yourself.



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