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Are You Creating The Life You Want?

Are you creating the life you want or merely existing?

Creating the life you want (and deserve) involves allowing yourself to be vulnerable and dream. You can’t stop there, you must then come up with a plan to make your dream life your reality.

Our lives can be divided up into 10 categories. Use the 10 categories listed below to identify one goal and 3 actions steps you can take in the next 3 months to get you closer to your goal.

1. Nutrition, Exercise, Weight Goals

2. Mental/ Intellectual - Thoughts, Beliefs, Learning new skills, taking care of your brain

3. Emotional Life - How you feel

4. Character - What character traits do you need to create the life you want?

5. Spirituality - What gives meaning and depth to your life

6. Love - Your intimate connection with others and yourself

7. Parenting - The part you play in teaching others about life whether you are a mother, father, aunt, uncle, godparent, teacher or friend

8. Social Life - As social beings we need a tribe to survive, how’s yours?

9. Financial - Beliefs you have about money, do you have enough to finance the life you want?

10. Career - How you earn your money

When you are not creating the life you want you are merely existing, you are living in survival mode. Survival mode is when all your energy is focused on getting through each day without much energy going into creating tomorrow. This way of life is necessary in highly traumatic environments. Some of us were taught to live this way because it was our experience in our childhood homes.

As adults, we have the power to remove what’s weighing us down and focus on creating the life we want. It all starts with a plan.

If you would like support creating the life you want.

Consider Life Coaching with Kamesha Tarell.

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