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My Story

Born to two drug-addicted parents and experiencing sexual,verbal, physical and emotional abuse as a child caused me to grow up with low self-worth, lack of boundaries and nonexistent self-love. 

My journey to self-love and acceptance began several years ago when my last abusive relationship ended.  At that point in my life I was successful in other people’s eyes.  I was married for over ten years, I owned a 5 bedroom 3 bath house on almost an acre of land, I had 3 attractive boys, I traveled.  I was living a life that some of my friends and family envied, everything looked good on the outside but on the inside I was depressed, scared and slowly dying.


This abuse was happening from a person I least expected to abuse me, my Pastor.  At the heart of abuse is power and control and he had power and control over me.  He controlled what I said, how I dressed, what I did, where I went.  I remember being afraid to speak up, ask questions or to miss a day from church.  I was full of self-doubt, shame and confusion.

Although I was being abused, when this relationship ended I was devastated.  The relationship ended because the church closed, not because I had the power to leave.  Learning of the inappropriate behavior that caused the church to close was a wake-up call for me. 

 I was tired, I was scared and I wanted to make sure I never repeated this pattern again. 


 I began seeking and started questioning everything I once believed.  

I discovered the reasons abuse was comfortable for me.  My dad physically, verbally and emotionally abused me.  My grandfather sexually abused me, ex-boyfriends abused me, my Pastor spiritually abuse me, even my husband at the time was emotionally abusing me and the hardest truth to accept was I also abused myself.  I repeated abusive relationships because they were familiar.  I realized I didn’t protect when I myself because I didn’t feel worthy of protection. I also didn’t know what boundaries & loving me looked like.  

From there I started the journey to discover self-love.  I began to love, value and accept myself. I became whole and happy.  I began to make choices about relationships and opportunities from a place of worthiness.  I learned how to trust & believe in myself and walk in purpose and power.  

I want to help people who are feeling how I felt learn the tools that I used to pull themselves up and stop repeating the patterns of abusive, non-fulfilling relationships.  


"You either take control of your relationships or they take control of you.  It’s that simple."

Kamesha Tarell


Kamesha Tarell is a Relationship & Self- Discovery Coach, speaker, facilitator and author.


Well known for focused listening, powerful questioning and the way she emphasizes self-love.

Kamesha empowers her clients to break-free from past trauma and breathe new life into themselves and their relationships. Even as a young person, Kamesha had a knack for supporting and guiding people. She served as a Peer Counselor through her school years before beginning her formal coaching journey in 2009, when she was appointed Marriage Ministry Leader and Coach at her church. In that role, Kamesha provided extensive pre-marital & marital coaching, facilitated workshops and provided relationship crisis intervention.


After discovering her love for coaching and much prompting from those closest to her she went on to continue her education at World Coach Institute to become a Certified Professional Coach. After graduation she started Kamesha Tarell Coaching where she has the pleasure of working with individuals, couples and organizations. As a Marriage Officiant, her coaching service offers marriage ceremonies and vow-renewals.


When not supporting others in restoring their relationships, Kamesha can be found hanging out with family & friends or reading a book. She also enjoys spending time by water and traveling

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