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Lessons I learned in a Power Outage

Life has a way of giving you what you need.

Over the past weekend my air conditioner stopped working, and I am a person who does not do well in the heat. I sleep with a ceiling fan and a fan by my bed even in the winter. It’s hard for me to think or be productive when I’m hot. I just want to be still in an effort to stay as cool as possible. This week has also been the hottest week of the summer. After my divorce I decided to rent my house to not have the stress of possible home repairs while focusing on healing. The downside to that is Maintenance doesn’t see broken air as an emergency which means I must wait until Monday you have a technician come out.

On Sunday we had a terrible storm which caused our power to go out for several hours, the longest it’s ever been out since I’ve been here. Which meant not only was I hot I was left without a tv or internet and needed to be mindful of how much I used my phone because I was unsure when I’d be able to recharge my phone. I was forced to rest.

During the storm I just laid on my couch (it was too hot upstairs) listening to the roars & rumbles of the sky. I was forced to rest. As a woman, entrepreneur, leader responsible for 5 staff at my job, a mother of two, a partner, a sister and friend I’m often fulfilling the tasks of those roles. Checking off items on my to-do while adding many more. It often feels like it’s never ending.

This weekend I was forced to pause. There was a time when I was unable to pause. I believed if I wasn’t working I was a failure or failing.

I now know my worth isn’t tied to my work.

This weekends outages reminded me I can rest knowing I AM ENOUGH. I know I’m still a great woman, impactful entrepreneur, amazing leader, supportive partner, sister and friend. My worth or value isn’t tied to how much I can do it’s about who I am, not what I can do.

I deserve periods of rest. Rest is a form of self-care.

How do you feel about resting?

Are there any areas of your life where you believe your work is your worth?

How do you plan to be more intentional about periods of rest?

If you are struggling with feeling overwhelmed or burned out contact me for a 30 minute free coaching session and begin experiencing the benefits of Life Harmony.

I love you. I love you. I love you.


Kamesha Tarell

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