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Are you a caring, goal-oriented, giver who takes care of everyone else while your dreams go unfulfilled?

Do you feel stuck, anxious, stressed and overwhelmed?

Are you craving support & accountability combined with the peace, happiness, and confidence that comes from knowing exactly who you are, what you want, and how to get there?

Are you ready to make yourself a priority and invest in yourself in the same way you’ve invested in everyone else?

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I created my...



I am Kamesha Tarell and I've been there...

I was overworked, and struggling to balance my sanity, career, business, health and finances.  I gave so much of myself saving everyone else (my family, friends, relationship and kids, etc.).  It always felt like there wasn't enough time in the day for what I wanted. I was desperately seeking the support I so freely gave to others.  


My breakthrough happened when I walked away from my 20 year marriage with only a few items in garbage bags.  I spent years helping him build his career, encouraging him to buy his dream car and to go after his goals. I realized I spent years of my life helping everyone around me accomplish their goals and when it came down to it I had nothing to show for it.   I DECIDED TO TAKE MY LIFE BACK.


Since that day, I began planning out my life vision by getting clear on what I really wanted, defining my values, and disregarding the ideals society, preachers, gurus and family told me I had to do to be a "good person and successful" such as work hard, be nice, sacrifice myself and enable others.  


I became determined to create a life of harmony with self-love, purpose and destiny at the center.  It's been some years since I made that decision and it has been the best decision of my life.  My life satisfaction has increased tremendously along with my salary, my business has grown, I have more peace, self-love, healing and better relationships.

I want to support you in creating the life you crave!

Imagine if you could...

Be a part of an aligned community of positive, supportive women

Receive individualized strategic guidance

Receive support to remove mindset blocks through transformational life coaching

Feel confident in setting goals and knowing the steps to achieve them

 Receive support to remove mindset blocks through transformational life coaching

Feel confident in setting goals and knowing the steps to achieve them

Get clear in all areas of your life allowing you balance and soulful alignment

Create a solid foundation on which you can be supported & support others in a healthy, non-self-sacrificing manner

Access to expert tools and resources

Training from expert coaches & professionals in finances, health, business, career, relationships and more

Have a place where you belong and are understood



Creating an Extraordinary Life for Extraordinary Women

Finally a membership for women who want to get organized, empowered, and confident creating life harmony & their dream life.  

Inside this group, you will learn how to:

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Confidently adopt the mindset you need to create harmony

Create a schedule and build an accomplishable routine

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Reclaim more of your time for what you really want

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Identify what’s important to you

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Create a harmonious, fulfilling life

I bring my years of experience coaching, educating, building systems, and creating tools to
support you in getting the results you want!

Here's why you don't want to miss the chance to...

Join a positive, fun community of like-minded women!

No petty, jealous, back-biting here! 

We’re all invested in each other’s success

Get the accountability, encouragement and support you need to take your life to the next-level


 We first launched in  2020
It’s an intimate, high-touch group that was designed for your success
Those who feel called to this space are the right people to co-create a safe space where women can love, support and encourage each other to be our very best selves. 

As a hybrid coaching group, you will receive a mix of personalized
one-on one support as well as group coaching, and self-directed
study and assignments.



Start the week on the right foot with our virtual Monday accountability meeting & kick your week off alongside your  besties.  When going to the next-level you can outgrow friends causing you to feel lonely, reconnect with this supportive community. 

Planning Sessions

Each quarter Kamesha will hold a live planning session to help you unpack where you’ve been and vision where you’re heading.  This is an opportunity to create your Lifeplan and the steps to make it happen with the support you need. 


Vision Sessions

Your chance to connect with your desires on a big scale and map out the year ahead.  Annual planning sessions are held live in January. 


What people have said...

“Working with you saved my life.”

Maria Bradshaw

This is for you if...

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You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired

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You’re finally ready to invest in YOUr future

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You’re an action taker who is ready to be coachable and received support and honest feedback to get to the next level

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You want support to get clear in your vision, develop a strong mindset, and balanced strategy

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You want to be a part of an aligned community of soul-led women

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You’re ready to take responsibility for your life but what to feel held through the process

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You know accountability and education is what you need to become the confident, strong woman you envision yourself to be

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You want to work with a certified coach with years of experience and success empowering women to accomplish their dreams

Working from a Laptop

My Role

As your coach, I will personally teach you all the tools, techniques, and insights I've learned in my 15-plus years of coaching.  I will teach you what worked and didn't work in creating a harmonious life.  I will encourage and empower you to push through all the areas that are currently keeping you stuck.  


For a limited time, I am offering the LifePlan program for as little as $35/month.  


In this positive, nurturing community you will gain access to daily support and accountability from your personal coach, weekly accountability calls, monthly trainings, quarterly and annual planning sessions, and an unlimited number of resources, tools, workbooks, etc. to increase your success.  

If you would like additional information plese complete the form to the right & I'll contact you to schedule a time to chat.

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