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Kamesha Tarell

Relationship & 
Self-Discovery Coach

Your Relationship with Self is Your Most Important Relationship

Loving Couple

When people hear Relationship Coach they tend to think of romantic relationships. Relationships are not just romantic, they are defined as how we are connected or relate to people. 


As a Relationship and Self-Discovery Coach I help my clients have successful relationships with anyone they are connected to-  Self, partners, parents, siblings, co-workers, supervisors, friends, family members, etc.  


Do you ever consider

how you relate to yourself? 

Healing your relationship with yourself to improve your relationships with others - one session at a time

Often times we take ourselves out of the relationship equation, only focusing on the needs of our partners.


When your needs are absent you are setting yourself up for increased challenges, hard work, abuse, feeling misunderstood, taken advantage of and many other feelings that come with unhealthy relationship(s). 

Your relationship(s) can only be as healthy as the people in it. 


Imagine trying to play a basketball game

with half the team unhealthy.  This dynamic would set the entire team up for a huge disadvantage.  When you are not healthy, protected and supported in your relationship(s) you are at an uneven disadvantage.  


As a certified Professional Coach, I have helped many men and women have successful, fulfilling, thriving relationships with themselves and everyone they are connected to. 

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