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I offer a range of private coaching options for your support with having the relationship with yourself and others you deserve & desire. 

Not sure where you start? Book a free 30 minute Coaching Session and let's talk about how I can support you best. 

Kamesha Tarell

90min Couples Session

Meet together as a couple to restore your relationship.  You will walk away with the steps needed to have greater intimacy, healed trust and improved communication.

 Find the passion that feels lost.

$197 USD


90min 1:1 Session

Design your personalized BREATHE plan to help you redefine your current relationship with yourself and others.   

Learn how to communicate your needs & set safe boundaries without guilt. 

$147 USD


3 month VIP 1:1 Package

BREATHE is my VIP Coaching program.

As your personal coach, I will walk closely with you as you break-free from previous relationship patterns and unlearn the thoughts and behaviors that led to you feeling stuck and unfulfilled. 


BREATHE new life into yourself and others & find happiness greater self-love and confidence in this supportive, nurturing, high-touch program. 

*$900 USD
*Payment plan available

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