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Acceptance Leads To Peace

Acceptance can be extremely hard at times. Especially when what you must accept is not what you want.

In my time on earth, I’ve learned that what I resist persists, and it’s impossible to change what I won’t accept.

Lately, I have been having a really difficult time because life has not been unfolding the way I wish it would have, and imagined it would and I’ve been experiencing resentment, anger, and frustration as a result. What I know is that feeling those emotions after experiencing disappointment can be normal, however; it doesn’t change reality.

Refusing to accept reality is denial.

Denial only hurts the person in denial and leaves them vulnerable, naïve, and susceptible to disappointment and frustration and in some cases abuse and/or mistreatment.

I’ve had to take some time and accept some hard truths about people that I’d really rather not accept, and this has led to sadness.

Now that I’ve given myself time to accept the things and people, I cannot change. I now seek the courage to change the things I can.

I asked myself what will I create now?


Kamesha Tarell

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