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How Do You Handle Being Full?

What do you do when you are full?

As a child growing up in the 80’s I was not allowed to be full. If I was sitting at the dinner table and I told my dad I was full, I was encouraged, well, more like demanded, to push pass that feeling and eat all my food.

I found myself practicing that same behavior pattern recently. Not just with food but with goals, projects, my calendar, appointments, expectations and sometimes my friendships.

My internal guiding system will tell me I am full. I will feel full with feelings of overwhelm, stress, fatigue and insomnia. It will become hard to sleep because I can’t turn my mind off. These are all indicators that we are full also known as stressed and overwhelmed. Our bodies speak to us regarding our tasks just like our bodies speak to us regarding food.

It is our job to listen.

If your parents are like my parents, they considered the money spent on food. Their objective was to make sure we had a good meal with the money they have. They knew how hard they worked to earn the money to pay for our food and they did not want to “waste it”. They felt better if we ate our food. I cannot speak for everyone reading this but I know I came from generations of poverty and when you come from poverty you are taught to work hard and don’t waste anything.

As I got older I came to the realization I am no longer the little girl sitting at the dining room table being forced to eat more than she can handle. I am now an adult and I have full responsibility for every choice, decision, action, task or event I plan.

It makes me think of the scripture in 1Corin. 13:11. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a (wo)man. I put the ways of childhood behind me.

Today, I had to make a choice to choose present day Kamesha when I am full. I know longer need my childhood identity or inner child patterns. When I am full with life I will practice getting up, cleaning my plate (schedule, obligations, commitments) and go relax.

What do you do when you're full?

What have you always done?

What will you do differently after reading this?

Please share this article along with your answers to the above with myself and someone else.

Sent with Unconditional Love,

Kamesha Tarell

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